Restoring Trust

For far too long, families have been overlooked and let down. It’s why we need new leadership with Oklahoma values that will put families before politicsnot more career politicians.

Michael believes that restoring trust starts with paying our teachers a living wage, improving our schools, and creating high-paying jobs. These should not be partisan issues, yet all too often that becomes the case and working families are the ones who ultimately pay the price. Michael will be an independent voice at the State Capitol who will work tirelessly to improve the lives of everyday Oklahomans.

Improving our Schools

If we really want to strengthen Oklahoma’s economy, the most important place to start is to provide every child with a quality education. Unfortunately, we’ve experienced the largest cuts to education funding in the nation. Class sizes are increasing, and many schools across the state are moving to a four-day school week. To add insult to injury, Oklahoma ranks dead last in the nation in teacher pay. We are losing our brightest teachers to nearby states. If we want to attract and retain highly-qualified teachers, we must raise teacher pay.

While money alone won’t solve our schools’ problems, at the very least, we can restore the funding that’s been cut. But we can’t stop therewe must also work to ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are actually reaching the classroom and being used wisely. We need accountability.

Fighting for Working Families

Michael is against raising taxes on working families. Instead he will focus on closing loopholes and ending unnecessary tax breaks. For far too long, we’ve been burdening working families with more taxes and fees.

We are better than taxing folks who are working two and three jobs to make ends meet or taxing our seniors who are living on a fixed income. It’s why Michael will work with anyone who’s willing to fight for Oklahoma families.

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Follow Michael on social media.